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After Hours Reservations


We can host your party or business event after close which is after 3 pm winter, after 6 pm spring and fall, and after 8 pm summer.

We have seating for around 30 or more and can configure our space depending on your needs. We can keep tables as is, put some together, or get rid of some tables for standing and mingle events with a single buffet table for charcuterie or preordered food. We can also arrange for business presentations by removing tables and set up rows of chairs.


We have a large 50" TV with AirPlay for pushing presentations or to play any movies or games depending on your need.

Full food service including wine and beer will be available and you will have at least one hostess and cook for your event. We have an order requirement and a min 20% gratuity requirement for after hours events. Food options range from full table service, counter ordering which is good for event's where people are standing and mingling, or preordering. Preordering food is a good option for large groups where you want to make sure everyone gets their food at or near the same time.

Payment options should be work out ahead of time so we know if we are running a single check or opening a check for each guest. We can also break it up if one organizer/company wants to pay for charcuterie or an open bar or whatever, then have guests charged for their meals. Please just make sure all guests are aware what to expect and what their obligations would be.

We charge $50 first two hours and $50/per additional hour to help pay staff. We can NOT add hours as the event is going so make sure you book for the hours you need. This payment should be paid in advance in order to hold the reservation. This is not refundable once we schedule staffing.

We also have a requirement that the party will order food which is how we make money on the event. If a single organizer or company isn't paying for all then please make sure guests are aware that there is an obligation or understanding that food and/or drinks should be purchased and what they will be responsible for.

If you would like to discuss your needs or make a reservation give us a call at 218-510-0608 during business hours and ask for Derek or send me an email to:

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