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Employment Opportunities

We are hiring ALL positions for summer 2024!

We offer:

  • Flexible hours and scheduling. Part time or full time.

  • Free drinks and free meals for shifts 5 or more hours.

  • 10% off all food and retail for employees and immediate family members.

  • Family owned and operated business.

  • Pay starts over min. wage at $10/hour and goes up based on age and experience.

  • Great tips! During summer time it is not uncommon to see average tips go over $10/hour in addition to your base pay.

We are open to hiring all ages and experience levels, but are prioritizing experience this year.

What we are looking for:

  • Be reliable. We are very flexible with scheduling, but you must let us know well in advance of any days needed off. Once schedules are set you are expected to show up on time or find someone to cover your shift if you need it off.

  • Be hard working. While you are clocked in you will need to be attentive to the customers and find things to do in-between customers.

  • Be willing to learn. We are a small establishment and run a small staff. This helps when it comes to splitting tips, but it requires all staff to be trained up in all areas even if you are mainly doing one roll. You will need to learn our POS system, how to make espresso coffees, how to be a good waitress/waiter, how to stock front of house inventory and back of house supplies, how to clean, and how to make all the food items.

  • Training is offered on all positions, but it would be nice to find people with at least some experience in serving, POS systems or in a kitchen to make the training go as smoothly as possible.

  • We are looking for people 18 years or older because we serve alcohol. We might be able to make an exception in some cases so feel free to reach out to us and we can talk about it.

If you would like to join our fun and friendly team please come in for an application or send me an email to and tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for.

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