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OUR Story



My name is Derek and my wife is Myriam, but she goes by her middle name Annie. We have 3 children Alejandro, Evan, and Alexandra. I have been a General Contractor and home builder/flipper for the last 15 years and Annie is a multi-lingual sign language interpreter. I grew up and lived right in this little north shore community of Larsmont most of my life. Annie grew up a little farther away...she is originally from Puerto Rico! I have always had a love for cooking good food and for business so when the opportunity came up to purchase a building that I help build years ago I already had a vision of what I wanted to do. We knew it would be a ton of work, and it is twice as much as we even expected, but it has also become a passion for us! It has been fun meeting and talking with so many locals and tourists over our first year and we look forward to building on our relationships and meeting many more people in the years to come. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and also for your support!


-Derek & Annie Wright

The Trading Post

Even before we had a name my vision for Larsmont Trading Post was to provide for both the local community which my family has been a part of for generations, and also cater to the needs of the tourist industry which has been very important to the local economy. It was clear we needed to provide more then just food service...I would need to provide some gifts and souvenirs for the tourists and some groceries for the local residents. I was inspired by a little Amish grocery store in a small community in central Minnesota which had all kinds of preserves and pickled goods. I thought that would be great to have something like that where we live. So at this point we are thinking gifts, grocery, food service, artisan cheeses and meats...we are not a restaurant...we are not a gift shop, or a grocery store... That's when we had the idea to call ourselves a Trading Post. A trading post can be almost anything, but for us it is somewhere for travelers to stop in for a pint and some grub, for locals to pick up some needed groceries and supplies, and for artisans to trade their goods. Keeping with that theme, I set out to curate our products for our new trading post. We found some small family owned businesses that would provide private labeled goods for us. We wanted products that were "rustic" in look, all-natural, and preserved goods that were as close to a home-made product as possible. We found two great businesses to partner with for a majority of our products. We also found a handful of amazing local artists and artisans who provide us with pottery, jewelry, clothing, charcuterie boards, cheeses, cured meats and more. We are like a new, high tech, modern version of a trading post! If you have not checked us out yet please stop in and see us or order some of our unique artisan products online.


Your support means a lot to us and all the other small businesses we work with!

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